Common Name: Norway/Brown Rat Scientific Name: Rattus norvegicus Size 18-25cm Tail 15-21cm


Biology: Reach sexual maturity in 2-5 months. Pregnancy lasts an average of 23 days. Average number of litters per year is 3-6 each containing 7-8 young rats. One healthy breeding pair can produce over 2000 offspring in one year. They require about 25g of food per day (approx. 10% of body weight) and 25ml of water each day. They can carry many Diseases including, Marine typhus via fleas, Weils disease, Salmonellosis via their droppings which is between 30-180 per day and 16cc of urine everyday.

Habits: Normally nest outdoors but do nest indoors in cellars and lower portions of the building although they will infest attics and roofs if it’s possible. An entry point the size of a golf ball is that is required for rats to gain entry to the premises. They will eat practically anything from meat, fish, cereals and even there own dead. If they dislike a food they will quickly develop food shyness. They also need a non-food source for liquid. They will travel between 30-47mts from their harborage for food and/or water. They will gnaw anything to get to a food source and water source even plastic and lead pipes. Rats teeth will continue to grow throughout there lifespan, therefore they need to gnaw and chew continuously to maintain correct growth of their incisor teeth, for this reason alone the damage that they can cause to a building or structure is unlimited.

Treatment: The treatment for rats can vary depending on the level of infestation and the location of the infested area. Generally rats are baited with a rodenticide or instant kill traps.

*All rat treatments will require a minimum of 2 visits carried out 1 – 2 weeks apart with additional visits if needed. It is important to try and locate how the rats are entering a property and proof these access points to minimize future re-infestation*

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